these artworks provoke thought and consideration.

‘Atomic Moonlight’ (2020)

“This artwork, started out as a different painting that was shown at a solo exhibition in 2019. I was in a hurry to finish it in time, and I was never happy with the end result. After the exhibition, I put it away and forgot about it for a while. At the beginning of 2020, world events got me thinking that maybe that this is a time for us to reset our way of life, but the question was how do we do that? As far as I could see, we have a choice to make about how we do this. We can go the easy route and continue grinding along the current road of ever increasing inequality, or, we could, drastically, end everything instantly and let the survivors start again. It would be interesting to see if the survivors would create something better or just repeat previous mistakes. I think 2020 gave many people something to think about. The small red star in the middle represents “the button”. Even though, I feel that the human race is in “moonlight” heading towards darkness, I really hope that we will be able to “reset” without wiping everything away, without having to start again. This painting is about that hope, expressing that we should look for a better alternative. That is why I recycled a previous painting. We can change anything and make it better.

However, now in 2022, it seems we are closer to this making this choice, than we have ever been. With the corona virus pandemic continuing to have a drastic influence on our lives and the war in Ukraine seemingly has no end in sight, have we arrived at this moment, and what are we going to do?”





postcard, gold leaf, silver leaf, marker pens, acrylic on canvas, includes custom wooden frame
クラフトペーパー、金箔、銀箔, マーカーペン, アクリル、キャンバス、額装込

H930 x W930 x D50mm

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‘Everyday They Bleed For Us’ (2021)

“During the first year of the pandemic, not only in Japan, but around the world, domestic violence rates increased significantly. There were almost daily reports of the abuse of women.

Repurposed erotic toy figures from capsule machines were used to form a star with the chain in the middle coming from an SM figure. I use the star motif in almost all my paintings, as this symbol is easily understood by almost everyone and is used everywhere, and yet, people don’t know that this symbol has an ancient history and a much deeper meaning. I’m trying to draw attention to society’s growing apathy and the way that people increasingly take things for granted.

The whole panel and the figures were then painted white. The reason for this is that while I wanted the outlandish and unnatural proportions of the figures to bring attention to the continued exploitation of women and the pressures placed upon women, by society and the media, to look a certain way in order to be considered attractive, especially in a society which is still dominated by men, I also wanted them to look like “Milagros”, religious charms used for the process of healing.

Red paint (blood) was added drop by drop, every day that there was a report on Japanese TV about domestic violence.

It took two weeks to complete the red star in the middle, finishing with a representation of the Japanese flag.”





cut paper, toy figures, spray paint, gloss paint, card, nails, chain, acrylic on wooden panel
チェーン、 アクリル、パネル
H750 x W750 x D50mm

‘Will The Sakuraboshi Still Bloom After I Have Gone’ (2022)

“This year, I reached my mid-fifties, and it got me thinking about all the ideas that I want to put into my future paintings, and also whether any of these paintings will exist after I am no longer here.

This led to me considering the philosophical thought experiment, “if a tree falls in the forest, and there is no-one there to hear it, does it make a sound?”, and whimsically associating it with my own themes, especially my star-shaped cherry blossom “sakuraboshi”, and wondering if the flowers will continue to bloom when I’m not around to create them.

As an artist, I am intrigued by what I will leave behind and what will become of it. With this in mind, the centre circle depicting the scene with the tree is actually printed on wallpaper and glued to the panel, but the shadow is painted with acrylic paint. The reason for doing this, is that the printed material will fade over time if it is not protected or looked after, but the acrylic paint will not, and eventually only the shadow, which represents me, may remain.

If that happens, then the answer to the question posed in the title of the piece could well be “no”, but I will not be here to see it, as this process, if left naturally, will take longer than what is left of my natural life.”



printed wallpaper, stickers, spray paint, card, acrylic on wooden panel
壁紙、シール、スプレーペンキ、カード、 アクリル、パネル
H750 x W750 x D50mm

Popelier ポペリエ

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