remixed digital image collages printed on canvas.

“I am very much into recycling materials whenever I can with analogue (physical) art, but I decided to take it a step further by recycling some of my paintings digitally. I take photos of the artworks, and in photo editing software, I create collages of these images, together with other images I have taken myself, or have found elsewhere. Usually with these found images, and using the filters in the software, I look for interesting and unique patterns and textures. Some of the artworks have meaning, there are explanations for these, and others are purely decorative.”

‘Call The Cops’ (2018)

“A few years ago, the Osaka Prefectural Police set a new record amongst police forces in Japan, with the most officers arrested in a single year for corruption, with money being the main reason. The centre shape is the ‘asahikage‘, which is the symbol of the Japanese National Police Force, with the first character of Osaka (阪), superimposed on top. The Yen signs around the sides are influenced by the style of the Japanese ‘hanko‘ stamp.”

‘You Are So Japanese’ (2022)

‘Chocolate Box Top (Digital)’ (2018)

‘Untitled #4’ (2018)

‘(Some Days) All I Want Is Faster’ (2021)

“As I get older, I realise that the time remaining for me is getting less and less. There is a sense of pressure, pressure to get things done before it is too late. So I try to work more quickly, but the downside of this, is that as I get older, I become clumsier, and this leads to more mistakes and inevitably, a final crash. Hence, in this piece, the stars are all heading towards each other.”

‘Two Peas In A Pod’ (2020)

“The relationship between the United States Of America and the People’s Republic Of China continues to create tension across the world. What is interesting for me, is that the PRC seems to be following a precedent set by the USA, and that they are so similar now in their approach to world domination, that they are very much two peas in a pod, but greatly consumed by sibling rivalry.”

‘Scruffy’ (2018)

‘Untitled #3’ (2018)

‘Untitled #11’ (2022)
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