original & excellent tee designs by Popelier.

Since the gallery opened, I have had many requests to put my paintings onto t-shirts. In celebration of the gallery’s 2 years and in answer to your calls, we have created a new label, Popé T. You can also follow us on Instagram, and keep up with the regular updates of the latest designs.

ギャラリーポペリエをオープンして以来、ポペリエの作品をTシャツにという沢山のリクエストがありました。このギャラリーのオープン2周年記念とリクエストにお応えし、ギャラリーポペリエの新ブランドPopé Tを作りました。ぜひPopé Tインスタグラムで最新デザインをチェックしてください。



A-Series Collection

Art T-shirt designs adapted from original artworks created by artist, Popelier.

“The Universe #6”

Spring/Summer 2023

This design is adapted from the original
painting ‘The Universe‘ by Popelier in 1998.

code: Popé T S23 A#0001



Spring/Summer 2023
This tee is based on the symbol for “muon” and is perfect for scientists, mathematicians and geeks who love sub-atomic particles.

code: Popé T S23 A#0002


“In The Shadow Of The Sakuraboshi”

Spring/Summer 2023
See the original painting ‘Will The Sakuraboshi Still Bloom After I Have Gone‘ created by Popelier in 2022.

code: Popé T S23 A#0003


F-Series Collection

Funny, sometimes dark, T-shirt designs created by artist, Popelier.

“Hanshin #1”

Spring/Summer 2023

Osaka’s greatest taxi driver. More designs to come as we follow his adventures.

code: Popé T S23 F#0001


“We’re NOT Ferkin’ Entertainers!”

Spring/Summer 2023
The gang from Osaka’s craziest English language school, from the comic Bad English. More to come as we follow their adventures.

code: Popé T S23 F#0003


“MOFO Clown”

Spring/Summer 2023
Original t-shirt with a long history going back to 2010, first printed at the Merchants Of Fine Objects in Cairns, Australia.

code: Popé T S23 F#0005


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