intimate and thoughtful graphite pencil drawings.

“The Internal Present”
Peter Taylor
(ピーター テーラー)
Solo Show 個展.

Canadian artist presents a rare solo show in Japan,
containing new drawings that reflect on internalisation caused by the pandemic.

Wed 6th – Sat 30th April 2022
2022年4月6日(水) – 30日(土)

Open オープン:
Wed – Sat 水~土 – 13:00-19:00

Closed 休廊:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

アーティスト ステートメント
At its most fundamental I think my art is about curiosity and creativity. The figures in my drawings explore what it is to be endowed with life, to be conscious, what it is to simply be. Each new movement is the test of a new idea, the possibility of attaining new knowledge. They attempt to more fully understand themselves with each gesture while maintaining a mindful and balanced sense of themselves. This outward, physical, display is a metaphor for an inward journey. Through this repetitive -but always evolving- series of postures the figures are building a language to express their inner search. To manifest ideas that are ephemeral and hard to capture in a spoken language. 


Until this current series of drawings these figures have lived in a world of their own, largely unaffected by the events in ours. With the pandemic, and the turmoil that has accompanied it, I was unable to keep my thoughts about it from entering into the drawings. There was no conscious effort to incorporate these ideas into the drawings, but I found as I worked through them, I began to see obvious responses naturally making their way in. There is a dialogue between myself and the figures, so it is not surprising that what occupies my mind finds its way into the conversation. I think the pandemic has offered us an opportunity to reflect on a lot of our most basic needs as humans and I hope we will move forward with a deeper sense of ourselves. 

Peter Taylor
April 2022

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