a unique three painting series client commission.

“This series of paintings was the idea of a Japanese collector living in Ireland. He specifically wanted three paintings depicting ‘evening’, ‘midnight’ and ‘morning’. These times of the day play an important part, due to different time zones, in his working life.”


“Each canvas is 40 x 40cm, and the process was pretty much the same as all those paintings of that time. Firstly, cut up newspaper was put on the canvas using wallpaper paste….”


“….in a circular pattern for ‘evening’ and ‘morning’, and in a “square” pattern for ‘midnight’. After the newspaper dried, each canvas was primed with household matt white paint. Finally, acrylic paint was used for the main painting.”


“The colour selection was very important, not only for each depiction of the time of day, but also for the paintings to match as a whole. Obviously, a single star is used for ‘evening’ and ‘morning’, but I felt multi stars were more appropriate for ‘midnight’.”

The paintings in progress.

“Another important requirement, was the placing on the artwork in his office. The collector is fascinated with the light of the sun, coming through the windows and the shapes it made on the wall, and he wanted the paintings to be framed by this light, depending on the time of day, hence the need for 3 paintings, rather than one.”

The paintings framed by sunlight in the collector’s office.

“These paintings were completed while I was living in Brisbane, Australia in November 2014 and delivered in time for the New Year.”

‘The Ozeki Tryptich’ (2014)
(‘evening’, ‘midnight’, ‘morning’)
40 x 40cm (each)
cut paper, acrylic on canvas
カット紙、 アクリル、キャンバス


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