Photos Showing An Alternative View Of Kansai (関西).

‘This Is Not A Guidebook’ 1号
Launch Exhibition
(Photographic Exhibition – Group Show)
(写真展 – グループ展)

Wednesday 22nd November – Saturday 4th December 2021
2021年11月22日(水) – 12月4日(土)

The Unbeaten Tracks
Countdown to Expo 2025:
When you think of Kansai, what springs to mind? Osaka Castle, Shinsaibashi, the temples of Kyoto, the Glico Man, the deer of Nara, takoyaki, kushikatsu? These are all worthwhile sites and scenes to see and explore, but don’t you think that Osaka and Kansai have a lot more to offer the adventurous traveller, both from Japan and from overseas? What hidden gems are off the beaten track, waiting to be discovered?

Photographers 写真家

Tetsuya Tamaki 玉置哲也

Richard Dunn リチャード ダン

Laurent Lavolé ローラン ラヴォレ

Andrew Magdych アンドリュー マグデチ

Yann Becker ヤン ベッカー

art direction, design,
produced by Popelier
プロデューサー: ポペリエ

published (出版) by velvetheads©2021


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